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      We are a group of humble citizens, corsican or not, from any generation and broad horizons.

      The Rizzanese doesn't belong to us, neither it does to politicians and opportunists.

      The Rizzanese belongs to nobody, it is a free river and a treasure that we should be able to share with our children,  great-children,  great-grandchildren...

      Big dams are the last resort, when there is no other possibilities, when different choices have been discussed; this is not the case in the Rizzanese.
In order to face the real energy problem in Corsica without destroying an exceptional river
      In order to face the real employment issue while being respectuous of the nature, producing sustainable jobs outside the cities.
      In order to avoid the desertification of villages becoming a fatality.

We ask for the cancellation of the works, in order to discuss properly other options less harmfull for the island


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